The Legend Vanhunks…

Do you know the story of Van Hunks and the creepy bloke on the mountain?

It’s a good one.

Our man Van Hunks, a Dutch pirate and explorer extraordinaire came to the Cape of Good Hope to retire and smoke his days away. Literally.

His favourite spot? The now infamous Devil’s Peak where Van Hunks had a legendary encounter with a stranger dressed in a black coat and wide-brimmed hat, eager to see who could smoke the other into a stupor.

A contest if there ever was one, the two set to outdoing the other and soon Van Hunk’s boasting over his preferred pastime showed itself to be true; no one could outsmoke the old pirate.

Turns out, the stranger in black was the devil himself and the devil himself didn’t like that Van Hunks could best him in a smoking duel so cue thunderbolts and lightning, as the devil summoned them off and Van Hunks was never to be seen again.

But his legend lives on.

It is Van Hunks’s competitive spirit and his pursuit of victory over the elements and his own abilities that drives what we do at VanHunks Boarding.

We don’t take it lying down; in fact we prefer standing on a SUP or twin tip ripping through the skies.

We want you to live your legend, we do, and we can seriously recommend it.

What We Do

At VanHunks, we’re all about playing the game of active, extreme sport and lifestyle and playing it well.

We’re a proudly South African brand and we have the beautiful beaches and bodies of water present in our amazing country to thank for driving us to create products that can prove more than a match for Mother Nature.

We’re obsessed with boards that can stand against the toughest waves and conditions as well as strive for perfection, longevity, and value maintenance of our products. That can be pretty tough to come by, as you probably know, which is why we decided to make them.

A superior product for a superior sportsman, our boards are designed, developed and tested in Cape Town, South Africa.