Get on top of your game! The VanHunks range of twin tip boards caters to all riders. Each board is designed for maximum output, with excellent grip, control and speed.

Our designers develop products that push the barriers and test each and every product meticulously to ensure unmatched performance.

Flex tips give you a controlled pop, with a cushioned and soothed landing. Carefully designed flex zones from front to rear means your rail is continuously moving and adapting to the water surface, giving you a fusion in chop. Solid grip ensure upwind performance and making pops easier and more predictable.

Dare to experience new innovation.


The Bucca is designed for raw wake style. The board’s excellent shock absorption guarantees smooth landings, off obstacles and radical unhooked manoeuvres. The design of the board’s rocker, in combination with the 6 channels at the tips, offer great control, even without fins.

The aggressive tip shape allows for superior control and maintaining the edge in overpowered conditions. The solid wood core and the unique glass and carbon layup allows this board to have great tip-to-tip and cross-torsion flex. The unique carbon lay-up has been designed to offer more stiffness on the heel-side while maintaining a lot of flex on the toe-side for blind tricks.

The 3D bottom shape provides stability and enables the rider to go big with comfortable and forgiving landings. The combination of performance characteristics, which include superb upwind performance, massive pop, insane turns and stability make the Bucca – the perfect board for Freestyle and Wakestyle tricks.

The Bucca releases an aggressive pop, is smooth and holds the edge through choppy conditions. The Bucca has moderate stiffness, which is a good combination of aggressive pop with forgiveness for landings and choppy water conditions.


Model Length Width Rail Rocker
Bucca 135cm 135cm 41cm Vario Rail High Aspect
Bucca 140cm 140cm 42cm Vario Rail High Aspect
Bucca 145cm 145cm 43cm Vario Rail High Aspect


Twin Tip foot pad and strap combo

Vanhunks footpad and strap set are designed with maximum adjustment to the front and back; they can be set up for the perfect fit for any size feet.

Vanhunks Boarding’s new integrated foot pad and strap set is designed with maximum adjustment to the front and back; they can be set up for the perfect fit for any size feet. The simple Bolt-On system designed for comfort, convenience and to maximize performance with effortless installation via the universal mounting system. The super grippy contoured EVA traction pad features a toe ridge and heel support for a balanced feel. The pad delivers a killer combo of soft absorption on landings while not being so squishy that you lose the feeling and connection with your board when riding.

The footpads are formed from dual density foam that rebounds into shape better than regular EVA, so they do not compact and flatten down after a few sessions. These straps are super light and with multiple adjustments, clamping your foot to the pad and allowing you to tune the duck and the rake for any stance or riding requirements.

*Will fit most makes of kiteboards, the set includes pads, straps, and screws.