Vanhunks Boarding: World-Class Boards That Won’t Break The Bank

Hey, for a Legend, anything is possible.

We know ‘high quality’ and ‘affordable’ don’t sound like they belong in the same sentence, but at Vanhunks Boarding, we’ve really set out to create quality, durable boards that can handle anything Mother Nature might throw at you while you’re out ripping and shredding. And we’ve designed them so they don’t rip a hole in your wallet either. What’s more, we’ve managed to home these Legends to you right here in Florida, well within reach of the rich watersports lifestyle our Sunshine State offers.

This explains the loyal and growing support we’ve received since our vessels launched in Florida’s sub-tropical waters, which only fuels us to bring you better and more using the most advanced materials and the skills of a handful of the finest shapers in the industry.


Like Florida, Water Runs In Our Veins Too.

Vanhunks’ founder and kiteboarder, Cobus van Zyl (hey, his name even means ‘waterway’) started surfing at age six. By nine-years-old, he’d made his first surfboard, and not long after he learned to kiteboard, he was popping out directional kiteboards of his own too.

“During the early days of making kiteboards, we knew nothing. This was in the late 90s. Back then the rocker lines were all wrong. Boards were heavy and thick, with no flex — complete disaster. Still, we had hours of fun on those banana boards. Of course, over time we got clever. We put in the time and effort to understand core material, curing, vacuum processes, molds, and mastered what goes into making a great board,” says Cobus.

“Many years of learning later, Vanhunks produced its first official twin tip kiteboard, the Manakel. That very first Manakel is the one I still ride today. It’s been a great travel companion.”

Yep, with enough passion, heart and hard-headed dedication, anything is possible in the world of water sports.

Even something that seems as contradictory as “affordable quality boards”.

After all, isn’t the whole water sport experience itself a bit of a contradiction – a blend of meditative calm, swirled in with a surge of stoke and a rush of adrenaline?



Vanhunks is a Legend

Vanhunks was a Dutch pirate and explorer extraordinaire. Legend has it he retired to the Cape of Good Hope near the tip of Africa to smoke his days away on a mountain overlooking the ocean. Old Vanhunks had an encounter with a stranger dressed in a black coat and a wide-brimmed hat. The stranger turned out to be the Devil, and Vanhunks was challenged to a smoking duel to see who could smoke the other into a stupor.

Everyone knew that no one could out smoke old Vanhunks.

But the Devil, he tried. He tried with all his might to puff and drag his opponent to waste. But Vanhunks beat the Devil that day. And the Devil was a devilishly lousy loser. Losing made him furious. So he summoned up tremendous thunderbolts and frightening lightning and drove Vanhunks off into the tempestuous sunset.

Old Vanhunks was never seen again, but the puffy clouds of his billowing smoke fest return to that mountain every now and again when the kite winds blow and his legend lives on in quite a poignant way.

His legend also lives on in what we do. His competitive spirit, and his pursuit of victory over the elements, and triumph over challenges – those qualities drive what we do at Vanhunks Boarding every day.

Like our namesake, Vanhunks Boarding doesn’t take a challenge lying down either. In fact, we prefer it standing up on a SUP or a Twin Tip, whipping us through the sky.

We want you to Live Your Legend. It’s what we do, and we seriously recommend it.


Vanhunks: It’s Tough Being A Legend

At Vanhunks we’re obsessed with boards that can stand up against the fiercest waves and harshest conditions out there. We strive for perfection, longevity, and products that maintain their value. This can be pretty tough, as you probably know, which is why we do what we do.

Superior products for serious water lovers, our boards are designed, developed and tested right here in Florida.

We want you to Live Your Legend. It’s what we do, and we seriously recommend it.

Get a Vanhunks and get out more.

At Vanhunks, we’re all about active lifestyles, extreme sports and having fun while doing them well.

Our amazing state has beautiful beaches and bodies of water that inspire us. They stir us to design and create kiteboards, kayaks, stand up paddle boards (SUPs) and soft surfboards that allow keen enthusiasts to get out there and experience a special kind of freedom.

We build our equipment to outlast fads and retain their value. We craft them tough to serve for a lifetime and be more than a match for Mother Nature.

We’re mindful about growing a sustainable business in a sustainable environment. This means taking care of our workplace and employees as much as caring for our playground, which is Nature.

Most importantly, we believe that anyone – from novice or weekend warrior to pro – has the potential to become a Legend in his or her own way.

Just get out there and live it!