Much like its predecessor, the Tarpon, our new, upgraded Vanhunks Tarpon 2 also lives up to its nickname, The Silver King. Our great saltwater and freshwater fishing or touring kayak will have you taking on adventures with the ease and stamina of the silver king itself.



Tarpon has been built long and slender to make short work of long, endurance trips, and while we love getting out into the ocean with our Tarpon kayak, this 12-foot beast is no stranger to paddling estuaries, lagoons, lakes, and rivers either.



While Vanhunks Tarpon is still a single sit-on-top kayak suitable for beginner, intermediate, and advanced paddlers, we’ve taken this vessel and given it a number of deluxe upgrades.

We’ve kept all the favorites from the original Tarpon, and added definite creature comforts to the Tarpon 2. The first changes you’d notice when comparing the two is that where the original Tarpon had two small round storage hatches, as well as the 50cmx25cm oval hatch at the bow, Tarpon 2 now sports bigger rectangle storage hatches measuring 35cmx25cm in the round hatches’ places. The center console hatch houses dry lining for you to keep your electronics and valuables (within the added care of a dry bag in case of capsizing), while the hatch behind the seat is where you can drop your fish once you’ve caught them.

We adjusted the original Tarpon’s 5mm rotomolded high-density Polyethylene mold pattern and made place for our much loved deluxe adjustable, removable, padded mesh seat. Great for reclining while you wait for the fish to bite, or position it forward for a more comfortable paddle stance as you make your way over vast stretches of water. We especially are fond of our deluxe seat as it doubles up well around the campfire at night if camping, and also makes a great choice as a beach chair if you decide to take a break from the water. Once you’re ready to hit the water again for another round, just clip the seat back in the four-point seat locks.

Where the original Tarpon offered 2 accessory tracks at the bow’s bungee storage, our all-new Tarpon 2 sports five accessory tracks, including two tracks with adjustable bungee slider latches at the stern’s bungee storage area. To boot, the Tarpon 2’s swivel rod holder is no longer fitted to the kayak via inserts, but rather slid onto any of the five accessory tracks flanking this boat’s edges. Aside from the included swivel rod holder, you’ve also got 2 molded-in rod holders so you can have more than one reel on the go at a time.

Tarpon 2 is as stable and buoyant as the original model with its 30-inch width, weighs in at 62lbs, and has a max weight capacity of 550lbs. Let’s talk about the rudder system on the Tarpon 2 for a minute. Aside from the cable launch and retrieve system to control the rudder blade with, the foot pedals are now adjustable. Tracking a straight course is a breeze with the Tarpon 2. We guess you spotted the extra inserts at the tip of the stern. These are where you have the option to mount an electric propeller with a motor size of up to 48lbs, should you choose to give your kayak a speed boost. Of course, the motor is not included.

Who would be of benefit to the Tarpon 2’s tremendous fighting spirit against the elements? Anyone, really. From weekend warriors, daily paddlers and anglers, commercial touring and adventure companies, as well as hotels, lodges, and rental shops.











1x Large front oval storage hatch.



The pedal system controls the fin movement, from left to right, which assists with steering and direction. Paddle a straight course and use the fin in center position to help the kayak track a straight path.



2x Medium rectangle storage hatches.



1x Swivel Rod Holder, which rotates left, right, up, and down.



1x Rudder system with cable launch and retrieval system.



The Vanhunks Tarpon 2 features large rear tank well with bungees.



2x Molded-in fishing rod holders.



2x Side carry handles, 2x Front and rear carry handles.



Deluxe padded mesh adjustable, removable seat with four-point seat lock system.






  Voyager Deluxe Black Bass Manatee Whale Runner Amberjack Tarpon Tarpon 2
Length: 12ft 13ft 9ft 9ft 12ft 12ft 12ft
Width: 32 Inches 34 Inches 32 Inches 32 Inches 32 Inches 30 Inches 30 Inches
Kayak Weight: 35kg/77lb 33kg/73lb 23kg/51lb 23kg/51lb 25kg/77lb 28kg/62lb 28kg/62lb
Max Capacity: 250kg/550lb 250kg/550lb 150kg/330lb 150kg/330lb 250kg/550lb 250kg/550lb 250kg/550lb
Water Type: Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves.
Accessory Tracks: No 4 Yes No 5 2 5
Rudder System: No With Foot Pedals No No No With Foot Pedals With Foot Pedals
Deluxe Aluminum Seat: Yes Yes Yes No Yes (Sold Seperately) No Yes
Deluxe Padded Seat: Yes (Sold Separately) No No Yes No Yes No
Waterproof Compartment: NO 1 1 No No No 1
Built-in Rod Holders: 2 2 2 4 No 2 2
Swivel Rod Holders:
2 No 1 1 2 1 1
Hatches: 2 3 2 2 No 2 3
Storage Areas: 2 x Round Hatch,
1 x Stern &
1 x Bow Bungee Storage Area
1x Large Triangle Front Hatch,
1x Long Center Console Hatch,
1x Small Round Hatch,
1x Adjustable Rear Bungee Storage
1x Round Storage Hatch,
1x Square Waterproof Storage Compartment,
1x Stern Bungee Storage
2x Round Storage Hatches,
1x Stern Bungee Storage
2x Bungee Storage Areas 1x Round Storage Hatch,
1x Large Oval Storage Hatch,
1x Stern Bungee Storage
1x Waterproof Square Compartment,
1x Large Oval Hatch,
1x Square Storage Hatch,
1x Stern Bungee Storage