The Tarpon “Silver King” Fishing Kayak



The Tarpon “Silver King” fishing and touring kayak made from premium quality UV protected polyethylene materials, marine-grade stainless steel fittings and brass inserts. A great fishing kayak.


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Solo. Streamlined. Loads of Storage.

Our Vanhunks Tarpon fishing kayak is not nicknamed the ‘Silver King’ for nothing. Much like the ‘silver king’ itself, our Tarpon too preys in coastal regions, estuaries, lagoons, rivers, and lakes. And while the Atlantic Tarpon fish fills its swim bladder with air to assist when hunting in the water where oxygen levels are low, our Tarpon fills its sizable front storage hatch with the bounty from the day’s angling.

The Tarpon ‘Silver King’ is 12 feet of fishing heaven for a single sit-on-top kayak. Besides being easy to paddle, this fishing champion also sports a rudder system to help secure your position by swiveling left or right to assist with navigation when it counts.

The rudder blade is mounted off the stern and controlled by foot at the push pedals, which can be adjusted for comfort to suit your height.

Besides the large oval storage hatch at the bow, there are another two round hatches on the Tarpon’s deck to use for storing electronics (always use a dry bag), bait, and other valuables and necessities. With two molded-in rod holders and a swivel rod holder at your disposal, you’ll have enough lines in the water to keep you busy all day, so you’ll be able to settle into your foam padded adjustable seat and get to work for your dinner.

Keep your cooler or catch box in the rear bungee tank well and rest easy knowing you’ve got a 550lb maximum capacity to load up on your Tarpon. You could even take on some game fish.

A little slimmer than it’s taller Big Black Bass brother, the Tarpon measures in at 30 inches wide, and weighs 62lbs.

This 5mm Polyethylene rotomolded fishing kayak is incredibly stable and buoyant. All inserts and fixtures are premium quality captive brass and marine-grade stainless steel.



touring kayak


1. STORAGE HATCH – Oval storage hatch at the bow.

2. PEDAL SYSTEM – The pedal system controls the fin movement, from left to right, which assists with steering and direction. Paddle a straight course and use the fin in the center position to help the kayak track a straight path.

3. SWIVEL ROD HOLDER – 1x Swivel Rod Holder, which rotates left, right, up, and down.

4. DELUXE FOAM SEAT – 1x Tarpon’s deluxe foam-padded, adjustable, and removable seat will ensure comfort along with your adventures for miles to come.

5. RUDDER SYSTEM – Tarpon’s rudder fin sits in place beneath the water at the stern of the kayak.

6. STORAGE – The Vanhunks Tarpon features large rear tank well with bungees.

7. ROD HOLDER – 2x Molded-in fishing rod holders.

8. STORAGE HATCH – 1x Round storage hatch compartment for stashing electronics, bait, or other essential gear while you’re out on your adventures.

9. CARRY HANDLES – 4x Carry Handles.






  touring kayak
  Voyager Deluxe Black Bass Manatee Whale Runner Amberjack Tarpon Tarpon 2
Length: 12ft 13ft 9ft 9ft 12ft 12ft 12ft
Width: 32 Inches 34 Inches 32 Inches 32 Inches 32 Inches 30 Inches 30 Inches
Kayak Weight: 35kg/77lb 33kg/73lb 23kg/51lb 23kg/51lb 25kg/77lb 28kg/62lb 28kg/62lb
Max Capacity: 250kg/550lb 250kg/550lb 150kg/330lb 150kg/330lb 250kg/550lb 250kg/550lb 250kg/550lb
Water Type: Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves. Calm rivers, lakes, and calm ocean with small waves.
Accessory Tracks: No 4 Yes No 5 2 5
Rudder System: No With Foot Pedals No No No With Foot Pedals With Foot Pedals
Deluxe Aluminum Seat: Yes Yes Yes No Yes (Sold Separately) No Yes
Deluxe Padded Seat: Yes (Sold Separately) No No Yes No Yes No
Waterproof Compartment: NO 1 1 No No No 1
Built-in Rod Holders: 2 2 2 4 No 2 2
Swivel Rod Holders:
2 No 1 1 2 1 1
Hatches: 2 3 2 2 No 2 3
Storage Areas: 2 x Round Hatch,
1 x Stern &
1 x Bow Bungee Storage Area
1x Large Triangle Front Hatch,
1x Long Center Console Hatch,
1x Small Round Hatch,
1x Adjustable Rear Bungee Storage
1x Round Storage Hatch,
1x Square Waterproof Storage Compartment,
1x Stern Bungee Storage
2x Round Storage Hatches,
1x Stern Bungee Storage
2x Bungee Storage Areas 1x Round Storage Hatch,
1x Large Oval Storage Hatch,
1x Stern Bungee Storage
1x Waterproof Square Compartment,
1x Large Oval Hatch,
1x Square Storage Hatch,
1x Stern Bungee Storage