TWIN TIP Kiteboards


Flex Tips give you a controlled pop, cushioned and soothed landing. Carefully designed flex zones from front to rear means your rail is moving and adapting to the water surface giving you a fusion in chop. Stable grip ensures upwind performance and making pops easier and more predictable. We apply the latest snowboard technology in our boards, to provide superior performance, pop and flex. Dare to experience innovation.

The Manakel is one of the smoothest rides on the water, the secret…Polycarbonate Tips. The combination of the Polycarbonate tip and the moderate rocker line enhance acceleration, improve edging, great upwind and light wind performance. This board is smooth, easy to ride, forgiving, plane early and you will not outgrow this board.

Dare to experience innovation.


The Manakel has become a favorite amongst our global team and riders. With this in mind, we redesigned the layup of the glass and carbon combinations of the board, which resulted in the new generation Manakel. The Manakel is designed for high-performance and comfort. This is one board you will never outgrow, the construction provides loads of pop while the shape, step down rail and shallow single concave gives the board a smooth feel.

The Manakel delivers aggressive pop and outstanding flex properties, due to the premium quality Paulownia Wood Core. Flex Tips provides a snappy feel, superior control during tricks and great upwind performance. The board carves through from choppy conditions to butter smooth flat sections, the carbon inlays in the standing area help maintain the edge and accelerate the pop.

The Manakel is alive under your feet, with direct feedback to the rider.


Model Length Width Rail Rocker
Manakel 132 132cm 40cm Step Down Rail Moderate
Manakel 137 137cm 42cm  Step Down Rail Moderate


Twin Tip foot pad and strap combo

Vanhunks footpad and strap set are designed with maximum adjustment to the front and back; they can be set up for the perfect fit for any size feet.

Vanhunks Boarding’s new integrated foot pad and strap set is designed with maximum adjustment to the front and back; they can be set up for the perfect fit for any size feet. The simple Bolt-On system designed for comfort, convenience and to maximize performance with effortless installation via the universal mounting system. The super grippy contoured EVA traction pad features a toe ridge and heel support for a balanced feel. The pad delivers a killer combo of soft absorption on landings while not being so squishy that you lose the feeling and connection with your board when riding.

The footpads are formed from dual density foam that rebounds into shape better than regular EVA, so they do not compact and flatten down after a few sessions. These straps are super light and with multiple adjustments, clamping your foot to the pad and allowing you to tune the duck and the rake for any stance or riding requirements.

*Will fit most makes of kiteboards, the set includes pads, straps, and screws.