Call it kiteboarding, call it kitesurfing,

We call it the highest state of being you can experience with your boardshorts on.

Ah, Hangtime Heaven… Not everyone’s going to get there, but if you do, you’ll step out a little taller onto the beach that day.

To help even beginner kiteboarders take to the sky, we’re forever designing, testing and trying out new concepts, new materials, and new outlines. Our offering is always evolving.




Take our twin tip kiteboards.

We combine proven materials such as Paulownia wood with new high-tech composites and epoxies to create boards that are accommodating, responsive, more controllable, and that deliver better pop and smoother landing.




Our Vanhunks Directionals are designed to put the rider in control.They let you experience that “real surf feel” by parking the kite and actively working the waves.

These kiteboards are light (about 5 lbs) and extremely tough. Their resilience and flex are achieved by the way the fiberglass cloth is pulled tight from nose to tail, and from rail to rail, which is only possible when doing a hand layup. The result: a lively feel and “pop”, and a board that will last you much longer than any mass-produced one.


Fly like a Legend

In short, we handcraft light, high-performance, best-in-class Twin Tip Kiteboards and Directionals that enable your inner legend to come to the fore.

The thrill is in the chase. So wherever you chase your thrill – from sun-splashed SF Bay to the Outer Banks, North Carolina – start exploring the boards and accessories that will take you all the way to Hangtime Heaven.

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