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The Vanhunks Directional Kiteboard


The Vanhunks directional kiteboard range is hand-shaped, hand-glassed, hand-sanded, and hand-finished by local South African craftsmen.

We’ve ensured there’s Less Nose, Less Swing Weight, more compact shape, better rotations and balanced, spin and flip tricks.

The Vanhunks unique construction process maximizes impact and tensile strength while minimizing and accurately controlling final weight, and retaining a high-tech flex.

Mass production boards that claim to be comparable cannot achieve the optimal flex and performance that a Vanhunks has to offer, even if the materials or cross-section look similar. Pulling the fiberglass cloth tight (tension) from nose to tail and from rail to rail, as only a hand layup can do, gives the boards a lively feel.

Indestructible? It is impossible to make a 6ft flexible, high-performance board, that weighs in at around 5lbs indestructible, although treated well a Vanhunks will last you a lot longer than any mass production board.

Made with meticulous care and attention to detail.



The White Diamond directional kiteboard is the latest edition to the Vanhunks Kiteboard range. The outline, rocker line, increased nose width and stubbed nose, makes this board perfect for small to medium waves and light wind conditions. The White Diamond is designed for freestyle wave riding, with the combination of a quad fin set up this board is super stable in the turns and easy to manoeuvre. Whether you prefer to ride this board with straps or strapless or like to try big aerials or just free ride, this is the ultimate board in the Vanhunks Directional family.

This board is aimed at riders looking for a versatile high-performance board that is fast, responsive, snappy and great for freestyle wave riding.

No Stringer inside the board – we introduced a beautiful tightly weaved White Aramid fiber to the construction. Not only does the board visually look fantastic, the tight weave improves strength to weight ratio.

We found carbon too stiff, that’s where our new Aramid fiber Technology improved the performance of our directional kiteboards. The diagonally crossed Aramid fibers allow for flex to occur in the tail, rail, and any other part of the board.

We left the best for last, the White Diamond has an aggressive Fish Tail, which allows serious bite and grip for manoeuvring on the wave. The Deep “V” is where the speed is generated and powerful carvings made possible.

Loads of fun!








directional kiteboards

The single to double concave utilises the strengths of each concave design. The double concave in the rear loosens up the board, and the single concave in the front provides a good planing surface for drive. The double concave will channel the water into two streams through the fins and out the tail. Smooth edge to edge transitioning adds fluidity to wave riding.

directional kiteboards

Boards with a swallow or fishtails are usually used in smaller waves and offer drive, control and speed. Our swallow tail offers the ultimate surf feel.

directional kiteboards

We use Futures Fin Boxes with all our Directional kiteboards. We secure the boxes by fusing them to the top skin of the boards, our fin boxes is not just floating in the high-density foam. Super strong.

directional kiteboards

The thruster setup is versatile and stable in a broad range of conditions. It combines stability, drive and manoeuvrability and has been one of the favourite fin configurations of the past quarter century.


directional kiteboards

The quad fin setup makes for more drive through turns and increased speed down the line. It allows for a stable rail to rail riding at high speeds.

directional kiteboards

Epoxies out-perform most other resin types in terms of mechanical properties and resistance to environmental degradation Epoxy constructions stand for durability, low porosity and strong bond strength.

directional kiteboards

Kite specific High Density Closed Corecell Foam is the foundation of our boards. The foam core permits the use of stronger resins and added reinforcements, resulting in a stronger, long lasting performance board.

directional kiteboards

Aramid fibers have high-performance properties, are more flexible than carbon and improves flex memory, improve point-load on impacts and reduce core-crush.


directional kiteboards

M6 inserts provide a better fit of the bolts to the inserts, which will improve the bolt retention and be better for keeping the hardware locked down.
High-quality Stainless steel inserts – both durable and strong.

directional kiteboards

A top quality Biax Glass fabrics on the deck and the bottom of the board strengthen the board and offer an excellent durability to weight ratio. Our cloth is a double bais +45°/-45°, the fibers are rotated on a 45° angle vertically and horizontally.






Directional Foot Straps

The Vanhunks directional wave, adjustable straps are super comfortable. Designed to be soft, thus giving you a loose and comfortable feeling, while maintaining control over your board in waves.

Layers of neoprene on the inside ensure the most comfortable ride that your feet will ever experienced. The strap is adjustable and optimised for every size of feet in seconds. The Flex zones permit maximum range of motion with perfect board control at all times.

The shape of the straps allows for much easier toe-side riding.