Foldable Kayak Dolly – Inflatable Wheels



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Make your beach day a little more comfortable with the Vanhunks Kayak beach trolley. Strap in your kayak or canoe on the V-shaped cradle at your vehicle and pull it over soft or hard beach sand with ease.

What’s in the box:

    • 2x 12″ PU Pneumatic inflatable balloon-type wheels
    • 1x Tie Down Straps
    • 1x Foldable Kayak Trolley

  • 22×2.0mm aluminium frame
  • 12″ PU Pneumatic inflatable balloon-type wheels
  • Max capacity 55kg


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Lightweight, easy to carry, and strong with a 22×2.0mm aluminium frame, our kayak beach trolley is well-balanced and durable. Assembly is quick and easy, and all you need to do is pump up the 12″ PU Pneumatic inflatable balloon-type wheels, attach the wheels at the latch rings with a lynchpin before you’re ready for a smooth roll down to the beach.

Use the Vanhunks heavy-duty tie-down straps (not included) to secure your vessel, and enjoy peace of mind that the soft foam bumpers add protection to your kayak or canoe. The aluminum frame is kept in shape with a nylon strap to ensure it doesn’t open too wide, and the double kickstand gives the trolley steady balance while not in use.

NOTE: We recommend researching the best strap down technique for your specific vessel shape as different hulls will require different strapping to keep them secure.

Once you’re done with the trolley, disassemble for easy, convenient storage. The Vanhunks Kayak Foldable Beach Trolley with Inflatable Wheels can take a max weight capacity of 55kg.

Foldable Kayak Trolley – Inflatable wheels

  • 12″ PU Pneumatic Inflatable Wheels
  • 22 x 2.0mm aluminium frame
  • Well balanced and durable

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Manufactured from very tough single rotomolded 5mm Polyethylene, the Elite Pro is more than ready to take on nature's elements.

At 13ft in length and with a width of 80cm / 31.5 inches, the Elite Pro is sleek and agile while still maintaining maximum stability and safety

[/pane] [pane title="ADDITIONAL FEATURES"]
    • Stable, fast, and agile
    • Rudder operated
    • Large rear tank well with 5mm cross-braced bungee to secure gear.
    • Round storage hatch behind the seating allows for easy access to the hull interior
    • Raised aluminum mesh seat for comfort
    • Four integrated rod holders for trolling
    • Two additional integrated rod holders In front of the seat position.
    • Under-seat tackle tray for extra gear
    • Removable toolbox
    • Center console lockable hatch
    • Fishfinder scupper port for a transducer with protective cover
    • Accessory rails for mounting additional equipment and hardware
    • Bow storage with a tarpaulin cover for added storage
    • Foot and handheld rudder operation
    • Carry handle on the sides of the kayak for easy mounting and control
    • Bow and stern carry handle for easy transporting and loading.
[/pane] [pane title="TECHNICAL SPECS"] KAYAK SPECIFICATIONS: Length: 396 cm / 13 ft. Width: 80 cm / 32 inches Material: single rotomolded 5mm Polyethylene [/pane] [pane title="REVIEWS"] [cusrev_reviews comment_file="/comments.php"] [/pane] [/accordion]  
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