Vanhunks Inflatable Dock



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The Vanhunks i-Dock is the perfect addition to your family holiday. Use it as a waiting platform for water skiing, a dock for the kids to swim around or simply a place for adults to relax on with some drinks.

This inflatable dock is easy to set up and packs up small to help store it for the next adventure.

  • Includes a double action pump for easy inflation
  • D-Rings on the sides and under the Dock to secure it.
  • Manufactured from military grade PVC and heat welded glue application

Dimensions inflated:

Length: 95.27inches

Width: 60.62inches

Height: 5.90inches

Package dimensions:

Length: 34.64inches

Width: 14.96inches

Height: 10.62inches

Weight: 40.78Lb

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the Vanhunks inflatable dock

Make your day on the water that much better.

What better way to tackle the hot summer weather than on your own private floating paradise? Simply inflate and dock wherever you feel like taking in some well-deserved chill time with a panoramic view of your choosing.

The Vanhunks I-Dock has been designed as a stable, floating platform that has endless usable possibilities from a stable platform for launching your water sports fun to a great snorkeling and diving platform where you can take a quick rest before venturing back into the exhilarating depths below.

Designed to be tough and durable and still visually appealing, the I-Dock is manufactured from military grade PVC and heat welded glue application which ensures that your I-Dock will give you years of amazing memories.

The last thing you want to do on a vacation is waste valuable time so, with that in mind, we created the I-Dock to be able to inflate in under 5 minutes using the double action pump provided in the I-Dock kit. Once inflated simply carry it out onto the water and position yourself wherever you want to be.

Storage and packing can often be a hassle so careful consideration was placed on the storage and folding ability of the I-Dock. Once you are done for the day, deflate and fold up and stow easily in the carry bag provided and this can then be placed in the trunk of your car.

Overall, the I-Dock is a must for anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is suitable for the whole family to enjoy in all activity areas and will give new meaning to the phrase, Lazy Summer days.



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