At Vanhunks we understand the importance of having the right gear on and out of the water.

For this reason, we partner with world-class brands to bring you quality products to further enhance your performance and outdoor experience.

Foldable Kayak Trolley
Foldable Kayak Trolley

The Vanhunks Kayak / SUP trolley is very sturdy and durable, made from aluminium, it is light and easy to use. The Large pneumatic rubber tyres allow the Kayak or SUP trolley to roll smoothly across sand, gravel, and road. The Kayak or SUP trolley includes a long tie-down strap that helps to fasten the Kayak or SUP on the trolley tightly. The EVA grips on the trolley allow for extra protection for your kayak or SUP. The wheels come with latching rings which allow you to secure the wheels to the trolley.

The Vanhunks Kayak or SUP trolley has a kickstand which allows your Kayak or SUP to balance while not in use.

The Vanhunks Kayak or SUP trolley is extremely easy to use. You would simply have to lift the rear or the front of the Kayak or SUP, place the trolley under the board around 750 cm from the nose or tail of the Kayak or SUP, secure with the tie downs and you will be ready to go.

What’s in the box:

  • 2 x Wheels
  • 1 x Tie down strap
  • 1 x Kayak / sup trolley
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SUP Rail Saver Tape
SUP Rail Saver Tape

SUP Rail Saver Tape. Protect your board rail, and just forget about hitting it with your paddle. Just enjoy!

Keep your board new and safe. Higher board reselling value.

No visual impact due to the transparent material. Perfect for new boards.

High impact and abrasion resistance with minimum weight. Won’t yellow over time. Will last longer than your board. Zero drag. 2 rolls of 1.8 meter long.


  • Tough
  • Durable
  • Protects SUP Rails
  • Zero drag
  • 2 rolls of 1.8 meters long
  • Not branded therefore it won’t mess up your board graphics
  • Clear Smooth
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Vanhunks Adjustable Scupper Kayak Trolley
Vanhunks Adjustable Scupper Kayak Trolley

Make your outdoor day a little easier with Vanhunks Adjustable Kayak Scupper Trolley. Now easier than ever thanks to the scupper poles, you can quickly load your kayak, or canoe, on the H-frame device at your vehicle and pull it over grass, gravel, and tar with ease. We can’t think of any terrain, even uneven, our dolly wheels won’t be able to handle with a breeze.

Lightweight, easy to carry, and strong with an aluminum frame, our kayak scupper trolley is well-balanced, adjustable, and durable. Assembly is quick and easy, and all you need to do is attach the wheels at the stainless steel latch rings with a lynchpin, and secure the vertical poles in the joining brackets before you’re ready to mount for a smooth roll down to the lake, river, ocean, inlet, or lagoon.

Adjust the width of the scupper poles to suit your kayak’s width and rest assured your kayak will sit still on the way over to the water with the rubber scupper support stoppers on each vertical shaft.

Simply lift the rear or front of your kayak or canoe and place the dolly under the vessel, around 750cm from the bow or stern.

Once you’re done, disassemble the dolly for easy, convenient storage.

Shipping weight is 8lbs and max capacity of the Vanhunks kayak dolly is 150lbs.

Wheels are hard plastic, and adjustable poles to fit the scupper plugs with a scupper hole distance of between 26-42cm.

Included In Your Kayak Trolley Package:

  • 2x Round, pump-free hard plastic wheels
  • 1x Vanhunks Scupper Kayak Dolly
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Vanhunks Anchor
Vanhunks Anchor

The Vanhunks anchor can be used for your Kayak, Canoe or SUP. It is designed to keep to your kayak or canoe from drifting off course while fishing or just relaxing and enjoying the surroundings.

This anchor is designed to hold well to most types of bottoms, from sand, stone, rocks or grass. It comes with a sliding collar which locks the flutes open when the anchor is released. It is compact which will be easy to store

What's in the box:

  • Anchor (1kg)
  • Rope
  • Carabiner
  • Buoy ball
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Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat
Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat

Vanhunks deluxe padded kayak seats are suitable for most kayaks. These padded seats are comfortable and adjustable.

They are made from quality nylon with an EVA padding. The seat can be hooked onto the kayak using the metal spring hook.


  • Back Rest Size: 50cm x 45cm
  • Seat Size: 38cm x 30cm

What's in the box:

  • 1 x Vanhunks Deluxe Padded Kayak Seat
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heavy duty cooler
Vanhunks Heavy Duty Cooler: Built For Adventure

We offer you our Vanhunks Heavy Duty Cooler in three sizes, making it easy pickings for your specific and unique requirements. Aside from the size differences between the 20-, 50-, and 70-quart coolers, you can expect the same standard and high-quality you'd find with all other Vanhunks products.

Strap your cooler into your kayak or SUP. Load your cooler into your rear bungee tank well, or strap it down on your SUP and use tie down straps looped through the molded tie down slots. Et voila, you have yourself a seat if you're fishing from your stand up paddle board.

If you’re going fishing, the 50- and 70-quart coolers feature two accessory track rails for you to mount more rod holders or action cams… We really thought of everything you may need while out on the water.

If you're a heavy weight who needs max storage in our 70-quart cooler, you'll appreciate the built in wheels that make life less of a mission and allow you to pull it over grass, gravel, and tar with ease.

Lightweight, but strong, our Vanhunks heavy duty adventure cooler sports heavy duty rubber T handles, pressure release valve, non-slip feet, freezer style lid gasket, and a locking system.

While the 20-quart cooler features one quick drain plug, the 50- and 70-quart options come with two quick drain plugs. Drain melted ice, excess water from your catch, or any other crazy stuff floating in the bottom from whatever your adventure bought you. Point is, your Vanhunks cooler is going to be easy to clean.

We have definitely not forgotten about the bottle openers you'll be needing when it comes time to crack open a cold one when you've been out in the hot sun all day. All three size coolers come with two built in bottle openers.

Vanhunks Boarding is super stoked on the addition of our heavy duty Adventure Coolers to our product line up. Made from the same rotomolded Polyethylene construction as our kayaks, our coolers are designed with adventure in mind.



The Vanhunks cooler is here to make your adventures more convenient. It’s strong, tough, as durable as our kayaks, and will add even more fun and value to your excursion, whether it’s fish or cold drinks.


The Vanhunks cooler frame and handles give the added storage device sturdy, strong integrity with its lightweight structure.


No need for assembly. Our Vanhunks coolers come ready to use. Simply pop the freezer-style lid open, put your fish, food, or drinks in, and you’re A for away!

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Vanhunks Kayak Paddle
Vanhunks Kayak Paddle

Vanhunks Kayak Paddles is an ideal paddle for all paddler levels and styles.

This 2 piece paddle has a 3 position adjustment made of a heavy-duty black EDC coated aluminium shaft with hand grips and a polypropylene blade with anti-drip rings.

What's in the box:

  • x1 2 piece paddle
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Vanhunks Kayak Roof Rack Carriers
Vanhunks Kayak Roof Rack Carriers

The Vanhunks Kayak Roof Rack Carriers are designed to mount on to almost all types of factory or aftermarket flat, oval and square crossbars. These Kayak racks are constructed of weather resistant epoxy powder coated tubular steel, this heavy-duty hauler can hold up to 100kgs and features a rubberized base and foam cushion on the arms.

The Vanhunks "J-Bar" style kayak roof racks open design makes loading and unloading easier. Always secure your cargo with straps, bungee cords, or tie downs in a safe manner.

The Vanhunks Kayak Roof Carrier kit includes 2 (1 pair) "J-Bar" style kayak carrier racks, mounting hardware, 2 (1 pair) tie-down straps and instruction manual.

What's in the box:

  • 2 x (1 pairs) "J-Bar" Style kayak carrier racks, mounting hardware
  • 2 x (1 pair) Tie down straps and instructions
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Vanhunks Personal Flotation Device
Vanhunks Personal Flotation Device

It’s one size fits most in the Vanhunks Personal Flotation Device (PFD). With adjustable waist and shoulder straps, our PFDs will fit just about anyone from the kids (minus the toddlers) to mom, dad, gran, grandad, and your buds. Our adjustable personal flotation device can be used reliably while sailing on boats, paddling kayaks and stand up paddle boards, and on any lake, ocean, river, lagoon, or other water faring vessel.

Adjust the waist and shoulder straps to fit your frame, zip up the front, and you’re good to go.

While the upper outer portion of our personal flotation device has been constructed from polyester while inside, to keep you afloat, is blocks of Expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam.

Vanhunks personal flotation device offers you multiple pockets, which allows you to stash almost anything you may need to keep close in case of emergency, and even just your favourite snacks to nibble on while you’re out enduring the elements.

Our PFDs are lightweight and sport inner mesh fabric, with the intention of helping to keep you cool. And while we do maintain our personal flotation device will fit almost everyone, the max weight capacity our PFD offers to help you stay afloat is 75kg.

Most importantly, we’ve ensured you have a whistle to signal for help in an emergency.

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Vanhunks Tie Down Straps
Vanhunks Tie Down Straps

The Vanhunks tie downs are super easy to use.

Very useful for tiding down example surfboard, stand up paddle boards.

These ties downs are made of strong webbing fabric with a protector over the buckle area.

Something you can just keep in the car as the roll up small and compact.


  • Perfect for SUP's (Stand Up Paddle Boards), Surfboards, Bikes
  • Easy to use
  • Colour: Black with blue trimming
  • Buckle
  • Buckle protector cover
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