LIGHT-WEIGHT Carbon Paddleboards


“Improve your performance, good equipment is an absolute must…”

Carbon sandwich technology, precision CNC, moulded EPS closed cell core, dedication to performance and perfection. The Carbon range is for the advanced high-performance rider.

This board has received amazing reviews from riders. The Afro has been designed to be stable yet fast on the take-off. It can easily handle a well-executed carve on the bottom turn, generating speed off the edges to power up against the face and hit the lip with control. The Afro Brushed Carbon SUP is our advanced paddle board, which caters for all your surfing needs. It challenges riders to progress – regardless of their level of experience. The Afro has a single-concave nose and a double-concave center section. The tail kick triggers rapid acceleration whilst releasing explosive power for quick turning and maximum performance. The fuller rails add stability and the wider nose area, enabling you to maximise catching waves on this short board. Extra width in the paddler section offers increased stability and contributes to additional volume for super fast and easy take-off. The rocker line is perfect for those tight pockets, and it sets the board up for a controlled bottom turn and getting into the barrel of the wave. The moulded EPS closed cell core combined with the premium quality Carbon construction give the perfect weight to strength ratio, as well as stiffness and flex.
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This superior board has been specifically designed with stability, speed and control in mind, and has been tested in a wide range of conditions. It is suitable for both the adventurous weekend warriors and professional competitors.

The Spear includes the following racing specifications:

  • Recessed Deck that ensures a lower center of gravity for increased rider stability.
  • The Dihedral Nose shape gives the board additional volume and adds to the dynamic mixture of speed and the ability to glide across the water surface. It does this by keeping the nose on top of the water surface in bumpy conditions and decreasing water drag. It also breaks water away from the nose as it flows through the center.
  • The amazing rocker line adds to the board’s reputation of being fast.
  • The Vanhunks Racing Spear is equipped with a unique bottom, offering a center with minimal concave, improved rocker line and concaved channels on both edges of the board for speed and stability.
  • Light Weight Carbon construction with increased stiffness improves the direct board feel experienced by riders.
  • Additional Volume in the Tail with sharp edges makes it easy to turn around buoys and get back onto the water surface, accelerating into the glide.
  • The Carbon construction makes this board lightweight and easy to handle when transporting, and it also makes it easy to paddle in racing conditions.

Overall, this is board is fast. It is quick off the start and onto plain with minimal drag, stability and easy turning around the buoys. It also promises fast recovery as water flows off and under the board.

Key Construction points:

  • Light Weight Biax Carbon construction over the complete hull of the board. The weaved Carbon adds to a dynamic relation of efficient flex, stiffness and strength without compromising on weight.
  • The moulded EPS closed cell core combined with the premium quality Carbon construction gives the perfect weight to strength ratio, as well as stiffness and flex.
  Length: 14’0 Width: 27 1/3″ Height: 7 3/16″ Volume: 276L
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