If you are after more of a performance board, but something that will offer you protection whilst learning and something that will also progress with you, then you cannot look past the Epoxy Soft Top Board. Such a user-friendly design, this Soft SUP board is also very tough and is built using a full EVA deck and in essence is a full epoxy board. A very popular model for families who want a full performance board that can be used safely with the kids as well. The board construction consists of an EVA Soft Deck combined with Epoxy technology. Our unique combination of advanced materials and high tech construction creates a board that is both light and extraordinarily strong. Length: 10’0 Width: 33″″ Height: 4 1/2″ Volume: 185L
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Ideally suited for paddling on lakes and flat water. However, the Vanhunks Soft SUP is also loads of fun in small surf. The relaxed rocker allows the board to make smooth directional changes with minimal effort. The Vanhunks Soft SUP provides the ultimate in stand-up-paddleboard fun and safety for the first-time riders through to paddle enthusiasts. With an emphasis on keeping you safe and durability, the Vanhunks SUP has an XPE deck and a soft HDPE slick skin on the bottom. Tough enough to take a beating, yet is soft enough to keep the rider safe in the event of an impact. The secret to the performance of the Vanhunks entry-level SUP lies within the core. Plywood stringers maintain the board's stiffness and structural integrity and allow the rider to accelerate quickly with only a few strokes. The generous amount of volume and width make this SUP incredibly buoyant, stable and very comfortable paddle. Stand up paddle boarding starts with the Vanhunks soft SUP. Length: 10’8 Width: 30 7/10″ Height: 5 1/2″ Volume: 225L
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