WHITE DIAMOND Directional Kiteboard – Loads of Fun


The White Diamond directional kiteboard is the latest edition to the Vanhunks Kiteboard range. The outline, rocker line, increased nose width and stubbed nose, makes this board perfect for small to medium waves and light wind conditions. The White Diamond is designed for freestyle wave riding, with the combination of a quad fin set up this board is super stable in the turns and easy to manoeuvre. Whether you prefer to ride this board with straps or strapless or like to try big aerials or just free ride, this is the ultimate board in the Vanhunks Directional family.

This board is aimed at riders looking for a versatile high-performance board that is fast, responsive, snappy and great for freestyle wave riding.

No Stringer inside the board – we introduced a beautiful tightly weaved White Aramid fiber to the construction. Not only does the board visually look fantastic, the tight weave improves strength to weight ratio.

We found carbon too stiff, that’s where our new Aramid fiber Technology improved the performance of our directional kiteboards. The diagonally crossed Aramid fibers allow for flex to occur in the tail, rail, and any other part of the board.

We left the best for last, the White Diamond has an aggressive Fish Tail, which allows serious bite and grip for manoeuvring on the wave. The Deep “V” is where the speed is generated and powerful carvings made possible.

Loads of fun!

Length: 5’2
Width: 17 3/4″
Height: 2 1/8″
Volume: 22.9L

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