LIGHT-WEIGHT Carbon Paddleboards


“Improve your performance, good equipment is an absolute must…”

Carbon sandwich technology, precision CNC, moulded EPS closed cell core, dedication to performance and perfection. The Carbon range is for the advanced high-performance rider.



This board has received amazing reviews from riders. The Afro has been designed to be stable yet fast on the take-off. It can easily handle a well-executed carve on the bottom turn, generating speed off the edges to power up against the face and hit the lip with control.

The Afro Brushed Carbon SUP is our advanced paddle board, which caters for all your surfing needs. It challenges riders to progress – regardless of their level of experience. The Afro has a single-concave nose and a double-concave center section. The tail kick triggers rapid acceleration whilst releasing explosive power for quick turning and maximum performance. The fuller rails add stability and the wider nose area, enabling you to maximise catching waves on this short board.

Extra width in the paddler section offers increased stability and contributes to additional volume for super fast and easy take-off. The rocker line is perfect for those tight pockets, and it sets the board up for a controlled bottom turn and getting into the barrel of the wave.

The moulded EPS closed cell core combined with the premium quality Carbon construction give the perfect weight to strength ratio, as well as stiffness and flex.










The single to double concave utilises the strengths of each concave design. The double concave in the rear loosens up the board, and the single concave in the front provides a good planing surface for drive. The double concave will channel the water into two streams through the fins and out the tail. Smooth edge to edge transitioning adds fluidity to wave riding.

Epoxies out-perform most other resin types in terms of mechanical properties and resistance to environmental degradation Epoxy constructions stand for durability, low porosity and strong bond strength.

The squash tail is a commonly used tail shape on modern surfboards. The design allows for a stable board, and a manoeuvrable ride, suitable for both small and overhead waves.

We use Futures Fins with all our Directional-, Surf- and SUP boards.


EPS-Foam is lightweight beaded foam used in the production of epoxy boards. A 14kg moulded EPS closed cell core, is used in our high-performance boards. The EPS foam forms the core of the board and then wrapped inside the epoxy sandwich construction.

The thruster setup is versatile and stable in a broad range of conditions. It combines stability, drive and manoeuvrability and has been one of the favourite fin configurations of the past quarter century.

The quad fin setup makes for more drive through turns and increased speed down the line. It allows for a stable rail to rail riding at high speeds.

We used high-quality light-weight carbon fiber to ensure a durable product while reducing the weight. Carbon fiber has a high stiffness, high tensile strength, low weight, high chemical resistance, high-temperature tolerance, and low thermal expansion, making it perfect for high-performance boards.





SELECT THE CORRECT BOARD BASED ON your skill level and weight…


As your skill level improve the board volumes decrease. The important thing to remember is that the important factor to consider when selecting a SUP is the liters of the board and not the length. Length becomes a consideration when surfing wave. Boards in excess of 10ft in surf, tend to lift the tail and nose dive, so we highly recommend to not go beyond a 10ft board in the waves.