Movement, stability, glide and tracking.

When it came to manufacturing our stand-up paddleboards, we scoured the globe for the very best materials and technologies, testing shapes and size from the world’s most respected shapers. Our boards are designed and crafted for performance, strength, balance and longevity.

Designed in South Africa – we understand the emotions awake with your first wave and this is why our craftsmen make sure each board brings together the perfect blend of style, technology and functionality.

We design boards to have fun, no matter your skill level.


The Impi, a favorite among paddle-boarders, due to the stability, generous volume, beautiful rail and rocker lines. It contains single to double concave through the tail and the variable fin setup configuration.
The Vanhunks Impi, features a wide outline, wide squash tail and full nose shape for incredible stability – especially for a board of this length. Designed for small to average sized waves, it has an increased tail rocker and a single to double concave for easy carving down the line. This is a wide, stable design that performs with unbelievable ease in surf conditions.

The volume is in the centre of the board, giving the rider stability in choppy conditions. The beauty of the Impi is the rail and rocker line. The moment the rider takes off on the wave, displace the weight to the tail of the board, the surf rail takes control of the carvings. The double concave through the tail accelerates the water into two streams through the fins, for a smooth edge to edge transition. The combination results in a smooth, well-balanced surf.

The Impi is versatile, the single to double concave make the Impi adaptable to everything, even flatwater cruising. It is a superb well-rounded board for most riders and delivers versatility you will never outgrow.

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Model Length Width Height Volume
Impi 9’0 9’0 32″ 4 3/4″ 152L
Impi 9’5 9,5 33″ 4 3/4″ 175L
Impi 10’0 10’0 33″ 4 3/4″ 187L

SELECT THE CORRECT BOARD BASED ON your skill level and weight


As your skill level improve the board volumes decrease. The important thing to remember is that the important factor to consider when selecting a SUP is the liters of the board and not the length.  Length becomes a consideration when surfing wave.  Boards in excess of 10ft in surf, tend to lift the tail and nose dive, so we highly recommend to not go beyond a 10ft board in the waves.

Weight (Lbs) Weight (Kg) Novice Intermediate Expert
<90 41 76 Liters 72 Liters 68 Liters
110 50 94 Liters 88 Liters 83 Liters
130 59 111 Liters 104 Liters 98 Liters
150 69 128 Liters 120 Liters 113 Liters
170 78 145 Liters 136 Liters 128 Liters
190 87 162 Liters 152 Liters 143 Liters
210 96 179 Liters 168 Liters 158 Liters
230 105 196 Liters 184 Liters 173 Liters
250 114 213 Liters 200 Liters 188 Liters
270 123 230 Liters 216 Liters 202 Liters