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When it came to manufacturing our stand-up-paddleboards(SUP), we scoured the globe for the very best materials and technologies. Our boards are designed and crafted with performance, strength, balance and longevity in mind.

All our models have a Military grade double layer PVC laminate for maximum strength and stiffness.



This board is produced for the perfect weight-to-stiffness ratio. When it comes to performance, inflatable stand up paddle boards is fast closing the gap on their carbon fibre cousins. Inflatables have already proven themselves worthy (or even superior) alternatives on the rivers and in the humble world of recreational paddling.

This is one stable board – in fact, that’s probably the first thing that you’ll notice about this board.

This board is right at home in fact water… you could even mistake it for an inflatable with such a swift motion and smooth glide.

Speed-wise, the Afro Race inflatable could compete with a rigid board.

The large fin and the shape of the board allow for the board to track very well.

This board handles upwind well. Its stability and tracking are large contributing factors.

This board will pick up waves with ease and surfing will time take to figure out, but you have to be quick on your feet and step back.










Inner Core 6” Drop-stitch

6” precision drop-stitch for strength and stability. 6.8 Filaments/SQ inch for stiffness.

Full Double Layered PVC

Military grade PVC wrap, making your board virtually indestructible.

3mm EVA Foam Grip

Linear Line Cut with croc skin texture.

Heat Resistant Glue

German glue technology with high heat resistance and superior adhesive welding properties.


Double Rail Band

Extra PVC Bands on the rails for maximum protection.

15 – 18 PSI

Optimum stiffness and performance.

US Finbox

We tested various fin systems to find the very best. US Fin Boxes is widely trusted for performance and versatility in fin sizes.

Thruster Fin Setup

2 Fixed side fins and US centre fin box. The Thruster fin configuration increase stability, drive and manoeuvrability and has been a favourite fin configurations of the past quarter century.


Double Action Pump

Include is a double action pump that has been specially developed for iSUP’s and is built to last. With the plug inserted it performs a double action stroke, by releasing the plug it transforms your pump into a strong single action pump to finish the job.



Inflatable SUP That is Designed to Last