Choose your soft top surfboard like you choose a friend.

Stable. Adaptable. Not too heavy.

And with the inner strength to share a lifetime with you.


Like all our legendary Vanhunks boards, our EVA Soft Surf surfboards are crafted to be tough enough to handle the rough for lank gnarly-happy years. They’re also designed to be easy to learn. The squash tail makes for responsive handling, especially in smaller waves. The overall experience gives a sense of confidence and self-achievement sooner than you might think… And inner strength? At the heart of our, EVA is a strong, dense inner core of EPS foam, the perfect blend of lightness and support. Read more about our soft top surfboards in our online store


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XPE BamBam Soft Surf

A generous rocker is going to have you
enjoying more prolonged wave riding time

XPE Soft Surf

The Vanhunks Soft Surf is
our entry-level surfboard, designed to catch
your first waves with ease





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