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The Vanhunks BamBam is the perfect starter board for aspiring surfers of all ages. Available in 6ft, 7ft, and 8ft, the BamBam soft surfboards built to take a beating. The rolled polyethylene bumper rails we’ve run around the edges of the board to keep you or your child safe while learning to surf.

BamBam’s bumper rails mean a softer feel with more forgiving falls, less bruising, and more impact protection. BamBam’s bumper rails make it safer for others in the water around you. In the event of a crash or if your board goes flying across the water after you come off of it, these soft surfboards’ bumper rails decrease the risk of injury to others while also enhancing shock absorption and buoyancy for you.



The bumpers rails are not only there for protection, but we duplicated the rail of our glass surfboard, to give you a real surf feel with a responsive surfboard under your feet. Surfboard rails run the full length of your surfboard on each side from the nose (or front) to the tail (or end). Surfboard rails are KEY to how the water will move around your surfboard when you are up on the wave.

Constructed with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) blank foam core and reinforced for strength with a triple stringer. A squash tail for steadiness, and a thruster fin setup for grip and maneuverability, we anticipate you’re going to be acing small to medium waves with this soft surfboards in no time.

Polyethylene (XPE) material seal the top, XPE offers a closed cellular structure, making it an excellent waterproofing solution. XPE gives the board more durability and the rider more traction. Surf with or without wax.

The fin system accommodates FCS fins. The standard fins come with soft edges to protect the rider from the fins as you progress upgraded to conventional fiberglass FCS fins. The upgrade FCS Fins offer, improve the drive, hold, and turn control immensely.

At the bottom of the board is 4mm High-Density Polyethylene slick, all layers of these soft surfboards are put together and sealed in a high-pressure process to reaffirm strength and waterproofing further.

Lastly, our generous rocker is going to have you enjoying more prolonged wave riding time when you do get up and start surfing.

Available Sizes:


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Bumper Rails
generous rocker
Thruster Fin




A shallow concave allows the board to maintain the features of our single concave, best possible upwind performance and edge control in a variety of conditions.

The squash tail is a commonly used tail shape on modern surfboards. The design allows for a stable board, and a maneuverable ride, suitable for both small and overhead waves.

EPS-Foam Is lightweight beaded foam used in the production of epoxy surfboards. We use only the best EPS density foam for the core of our boards. The EPS foam forms the core of the board and then wrapped inside the epoxy sandwich construction.

The thruster setup is versatile and stable in a broad range of conditions. It combines stability, drive, and maneuverability and has been one of the favorite fin configurations of the past quarter-century.



Available Sizes and Liters of the Vanhunks BamBam Soft Surfboards:

6ft = 45ltr
7ft = 55ltr
8ft = 68ltr