From taming the monsters at Mavericks

to a leisurely paddle on Kissimmee,

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Welcome to the Vanhunks community,

where sun-kissed beach culture mingles with tech-spec talk about some of the world’s most advanced SUPs, Kiteboards, Kayaks and Surfboards you can get your hands – and feet – on in all of the US of A.

This is where we celebrate the Legends. It is here that we reach out to help a beginner SUP rider choose the best board. We share tips for purchasing the right sit-on-top kayak and extend our well-considered advice for shredding the big ones on the most suitable craft.

What we’re not big on is mass-produced, me-too pop-outs. Big no-no. Call us perfectionists, but we hear the call of the ocean when a lovingly shaped surfboard or precision-designed Kayak crosses our path.

We love it when people rave about the flex and agility of our hand-crafted kiteboards, or praise the performance of our superlight carbon SUPs.

We get really stoked when the kayak reviews or surf reporters use the word “Legend” – it’s a tag we’ve earned over many seasons in the sun.

Whatever the current quantity and quality of your quiver, there’s a Vanhunks board to suit your lifestyle in and on the water.