Welcome to Vanhunks

We’re a South African boarding and lifestyle brand inspired by our two oceans, the lands that make up our beautiful country, as well as by the adventure-loving people who inhabit it.

At Vanhunks Boarding, we are passionate about boards. We strive to create quality products to take your riding to the next level.

Our mission is to supply gear that conforms to the highest levels of performance and quality, our product range covers all board-riding passions: kitesurfing, SUPing, surfing and skateboarding

Our products are designed, developed and tested in Cape Town, South Africa, and assembled according to international standards by the best manufacturers in the business across the globe.

Our respect for the earth, our craft and our customers underpins everything we do and drives our dedication to delivering high-quality products and exceptional service.

Enjoy the Ride!!!

Who is “Vanhunks”?

Our name was inspired by an African legend. The legend goes that in the 18th century Dutch pirate Van Hunks retired to the Cape of Good Hope. One day he came across a stranger dressed in a black cloak with a large hat pulled down over most of his face. It was this meeting that changed Cape Town forever. Want to know more? Check out the legend of Van Hunks.



All gear is designed, developed, and
tested in Africa, and assembled by
our global manufacturing partners.


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